Turnkey solutions for crankcases

HELLER CBC process chain
HELLER expands the process chain in crankcase manufacturing – comprising qualification, pre-machining and finish-machining – by the CBC CylinderBoreCoating process. CBC is a technology for the coating of cylinder bores of aluminium crankcases using electric arc wire spraying. For this new process, HELLER has developed the CBC 200 coating module.

  • The CBC technology is a dependable process used in high-volume combustion engine production
  • The CBC coating results in a 50% reduction in friction forces between the cylinder and the piston ring
  • The elimination of cast liners enables a more compact crankcase design and significantly reduced cylinder bore spacing. This results in a reduction in engine size and weight savings
  • All cylinder surfaces of current passenger car and truck engines with bore diameters ranging from 70mm to 150mm can be coated using the CBC process
  • Qualification/inspection
  • Pre-machining including fineboring and roughing of cylinder surfaces on a HELLER MC 20 machining module
  • Heating of the crankcase
  • Coating of the cylinder surfaces without structural changes of the aluminium base material in the CBC 200 coating module
  • Precise finish-machining including hard fineboring on a HELLER MC 20 machining module and final „Spiegel-Honen“ (polishing by honing)

HELLER CBC 200 machining module

  • The CBC module is ready for use in series production
  • All process-relevant media are controlled
  • Automatic workpiece / adapter changer for reduced idle times
  • Automatic wire change with integrated wire-cutting mechanism and wire preparation during the coating process
  • Optimised accessibility, maintenance-friendly burner unit, global service availability

Working area

  • X/Y/A: 750mm / 610mm / +/- 47°

Workpiece management

  • Clamping surface: 800mm x 460mm
  • Tool length: max. 600mm
  • Max. pallet loading capacity: 150kg (incl. fixture)


  • Rapid traverse (X/Z): 40 m/min
  • Acceleration (X/Z): 5 m/s²
  • Burner speed: max. 300rpm

Coating speed: approx. 30 sec. per bore workpiece
Changing time: approx. 20 sec.
Burner and wire change time: approx. 180 sec.
Engine types: I3 to V12

Market situation

By the end of 2016, 32 CBC 200 machining modules will have been delivered and installed. Until 2018, a total of 65 systems for the coating of 26 million cylinder bores worldwide will be in operation. (updated: November 2016)


  • European Business Award for the Environment (2014)
  • R&D 100 Award (2014)
  • German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment (IKU) (2013)

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