EcoSpark – dielectric for die-sinking EDM

Dielectric for spark erosion!

Dielectric EcoSpark 105 is a blended aliphatic hydrocarbon fluid of high purity based on mineral oils for use in EDM machines. It was especially developed for use in applications where a minimum dielectric flashpoint of 100°C is required as a security against fire risks. Dielectric EcoSpark 105 is made of synthetic hydrocarbons forming an oil of low viscosity, high dielectric strength and a very low aromatic content below 0,1 %vol. All components are carefully selected for purity, low toxicity, low odour and lack of irritation. Due to its high evaporation temperature of 235°C the gases produced as a by-product of EDMing are considerably reduced.

Dielectric EcoSpark 105 is an odourless and colourless fluid. It has excellent cooling and flushing properties because of its low viscosity of 3,3 mm²/s at 20°C. Further, it has an excellent filterability through all types of EDM filter systems. Thus it ensures an efficient sparking process, combining high stock removal rates with low electrode wear. This guarantees a wide operating range from finishing to heavy roughing using high generator output.

Our EcoSpark is especially characterized by:

  • faster machining
  • leass edge and surface wear of the electrode
  • increased surface finish
  • less refill quantity