This classical immersion polishing unit SF 3-200 series grinds and polishes workpieces especially well in areas, where conventional techniques like e.g. robots fail. Through the tremendous speeds of the grinding or polishing medium (up to 16 m/s), this machine is particularly suitable for processing of corners, recesses, grooves, etc.. In this process, the workpieces are held by special jigs and then immersed in rapidly flowing grinding or polishing medium. The process times are extremely short – just 1 to 3 minutes. For example at workpieces made of aluminum, the roughness of Ra 0.9µm can be reduced to Ra 0.05µm in just 1 minute through a single step dry process.
During the process, the workpiece can be rotated or even angular movements can be performed. The new SF 3-200 stream finishing machine from OTEC is characterized by:

  • Very robust and strong construction
  • Powerful 50 KW main drive
  • Process container speed up to 150 rpm with a diameter of 2 metres
  • Three stations for workpiece holders; workpieces can be clamped pneumatically
  • Only for dry processing
  • Extremely short processing times
  • Automatic operation
  • Robot loading possible

Let us prove how good our technology is. We will be happy to put the performance of OTEC technology and the CF series to the test. We will give you detailed advice and develop a finishing concept tailored to your needs and formulate the best grinding and polishing media for your application. In addition, we offer to finish a sample workpiece for you with no obligation and to provide you wth a process log documentng all key process parameters.