COMPACT LINE – The versatile solution for indexable inserts

The COMPACT LINE offers maximum grinding performance with the smallest possible footprint. In production and/or regrinding operations, it grinds indexable inserts made of carbide, cermet, ceramic or PCB/PCD. Depending on the clamping system, the minimum inscribed circle diameter is 4 mm for the pin clamping system and 3 mm for the indexable insert clamping system.

The COMPACT LINE with up to 6 CNC axes is the tool grinding machine for indexable inserts for grooving, milling, turning and profiling applications. A wide range of clamping systems which are docked within the machine via a plug & play interface offer total freedom in the choice of tools, their sequence and the batch size. Thanks to extremely short set-up times, even very small batches can be economically produced.

X axis: 450
Y axis: 180
Z axis: 150
Linear resolution: 0,0001
B axis:
Rotary resolution: 0,0001°
Peak power: 5,5 kW
Max. grinding wheel diameter: 250 mm