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Our Mission

          As a leader of cutting tools solutions, W.P.P. Engineering has the objective to escalate the new class of this industry to help our business partners grow through innovative solutions, professional expertise, and effective collaboration. We experience success through the success of our customers.



WALTER and EWAG are globally acting market-oriented technology and are system and solution partners for all areas of tool machining. We have expert knowledge in the areas of grinding, rotary eroding, laser machining, measurement, software, and customer care.

Our range of services is the basis for innovative machining solutions for practically all tool types and materials typical for the market with a high degree of added value in terms of quality, precision, durability, and productivity.



For cost-effective high-precision surface finishing.

OTEC develops and manufactures innovative machine concepts for perfect surface finishing. OTEC’s grinding and polishing systems are made entirely in Germany and are unbeatable in terms of precision and cost-effectiveness.

OTEC offers machines in a wide variety of sizes, from benchtop units for the low-cost production of small series to large-scale industrial machines – depending on requirements.


The right product for every application!

Innovative fluid management and consequent product developments and quality management are the key for success of our products.

The long experience with high-tech lubricants allows us to enter to the specific requirements of our customers and adapt existing fluids to different production processes.

If you need more than just a standard product or increase your productivity, please contact us and put our laboratory to the test. We guarantee a longstanding lifetime for most of our products and analyze the products you are using constantly.

Transor Filter System

The Transor system provides One Micron Filtration and is virtually maintenance-free. Operating on the principle of edge filtration, dirty oil is forced toward the center of each element, and particles larger than One Micron are trapped on the filter “edge” (FIGURE 1). Rather than being replaced, the elements are cleaned automatically with compressed air that removes the debris and places it into a receptacle for reclamation or disposal (FIGURE 2). The life expectancy of the filter elements is approximately 25,000 hours, however, this figure is oftentimes greatly exceeded. In addition to the machines, OTEC also supplies suitable polishing and grinding media for perfect results.

Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

W.P.P. believes that the metric to determine company’s success is customer satisfaction which we focus on the feedback of customers to understand your earnings on investments and to improve our abilities to serve you the best.


Number one of cutting tools solutions in Southeast Asia

The company was founded based in Thailand, but our mission is to expand the market within Southeast Asia where we could serve manufacturers with our innovative products with greatest services.

Better wellbeing for future generations

Our ultimate goal is to escalate the standard of living for everyone on the planet. Academy Centre is one of our sectors we provide the resources and expertise for education and development.


Meet Our Team

History of Innovation

W.P.P. Engineering was founded in 2001 by Mr. Wittaya Ponpet who currently is General Manager of the leader of cutting tools solutions company in Thailand.

The expertise and innovation developed over decades have put W.P.P. Engineering at the center of technologies services company in Thailand.

Dedicated to applying new technologies and innovative solutions to the manufacturing sites to enhance the maximize profits of our customers, W.P.P. makes connections, identifies and solves problems, and serves as a consultant that you can trust.








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