A measuring machine for the macro and micro ranges

When it comes to the fully automatic complete measurement of complex geometries, the CNC measuring machines HELICHECK PRO/PRO LONG enjoy leading positions in the macro range, while the HELICHECK PLUS/PLUS LONG are top players in the micro range. Featuring certified accuracy, they set standards in assuring productivity, quality and precision in modern tool production. In automated tool machining, they carry out the key in-process function of “quality control” with integrated tolerance compensation.

Fully automated HELICHECK PRO/PRO LONG measuring machines for the macro range and HELICHECK PLUS/PLUS LONG for the micro range. Tool diameter 1 to 150 mm in the macro range and 0.1 to 100 mm in the micro range. Tool length up to 330/730 mm in LONG versions. Tool weight up to 25 kg.


X axis 260 mm
Y axis 330 mm
Z axis 250 mm
A axis 360°



Back light 1 50x
Back light 2 400x
Front light camera 400x
Top light camera 400x



Power consumption at 230 V/50 Hz approx. 2kVA
Weight HELICHECK PLUS approx. 2500 kg
Weight HELICHECK PLUS LONG approx. 3000 kg


  • Light table
  • Replacement spindle
  • Cutting edge rounding sensor SKV
  • Centre fixture
  • Digital measuring probe
  • Analogue measuring probe
  • Special optics: 200xmagnification for front light and top light camera
  • Preparation for Teach-in Mode workstation
  • Teach-in Mode workstation
  • Software