IME-Series – dielectric for die-sinking EDM

For the correct preparation of your water-miscible cooling lubricant!

Our AquaTec Mix 600 canister top mixer offers a stable stainless steel housing for direct attachment to the canister with your water-miscible cooling lubricant. The existing water flow controller ensures a constant water flow rate of 1.5 to 10 bar. You can adjust the mixture continuously from 0 – 20% with the fine adjustment valve.

The mixing unit works like a jet pump. Energy is created by the flowing water to draw the concentrate from the container.

Area of application:
The canister top mixing unit is suitable for use with all water-soluble cooling lubricant concentrates. AquaTec Mix 600 is ideal for filling individual machines or containers and can be easily attached.

Save with AquaTec Mix 600:

  • suction pipe instead of a suction hose – as a result there will be no drop of oil left
  • suction pipe of stainless steel – resistant against the cooling lubricant
  • adjusting valve with turning or lever handle available
  • steady concentration – by lever handle with inner radiation and adjustable socket screw
  • no overflow because of a lock valve