Mixing device for drums

For the correct preparation of your water-soluble cooling lubricant!

The canister top mixer AquaTec Mix 1500 provides a solid metal housing for direct mounting on the drum of your water-miscible cooling lubricant. The existing water flow controller ensures a constant water flow rate of 1500 l/h at a flow pressure of 1.5 to 10 bar. Thanks to the fine adjustment valve, you can adjust the mixture continuously from 0 – 10 %.

The mixing unit works according to the jet pump principle. The energy is transferred to the concentrate (transported liquid) by mixing with the water (driving liquid).

Field of application:
The drum top mixer is suitable for the production of stable and homogeneous emulsions in a wide range of concentrations. It can be used to mix all water-soluble cooling lubricant concentrates. With a drum dolley, the drum of concentrate and mounted mixer can be easily transported to the individual machines. The AquaTec Mix 1500 is ideal for filling individual machines or containers and it can be easily mounted.