IonoPlus-Series – dielectric for die-sinking EDM

High performance dielectrics for highest demands on die-sinking EDM machines!

We offer you the right dielectric for ultra-fine finishing, roughing work, as well as a universal dielectric. The dielectric IonoPlus IME-MH in particular has been thoroughly tested by the Research and Materials Testing Institute Baden-Württemberg with regards to operational safety and occupational hygiene. Toxic or allergic phenomena cannot occur during use. It is below the tolerance limit in the workplace air (MAC value).

Dielectrics can be filtered equally well with paper and precoat filter systems. Due to its low viscosity, it is also ideally suited for use in spark erosion systems with a small spark gap.

Our IonoPlus dielectric range is particularly characterized by:

  • Increase of the ablation rate
  • Wear reduction
  • Best surface finishes
  • Smaller refill quantities