Efficient rotary eroding and grinding machine, Two-in-one

The HELITRONIC DIAMOND EVOLUTION is a high efficient solution within our EDM portfolio for rotary eroding of PCD/CBN tools and grinding of HSS/carbine tools in one single clamping cycle on a minimal footprint. Tool diameters from 1 to 165 mm, tool lengths up to 185 (255) mm,each item can weigh up to 30 kg.

Mechanical axes

X, Y, Z linear axes with ball-type linear drive
A, C rotating axes with worm drives


Grinding spindle drive

Max. grinding wheel diameter 150 mm
Max. diameter of rotating electrode 150 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 – 10,500 rpm



Belt-driven spindle with two ends
Each spindle end can take up to three rotating electrodes/grinding wheels
Paper filter
Control: FANUC

Loading systems

  • Robot loader
  • Top loader


  • Manual and automatic support steady
  • Manual and automatic tailstock
  • Glass scales
  • Extensions for robot loader
  • Combi filter system
  • Mist Extractor
  • Silencer
  • etc.