Two-in-one, high performance rotary eroding

Two-in-one: Two machines in one for the rotary eroding of CBN/PCD tools and the grinding of HSS/carbide tools, switching as you wish. The HELITRONIC VISION DIAMOND 400 L is the only eroding machine to combine linear and eroding technologies in a single machine. It machines complex geometries fully automatically with three rotating electrodes and three grinding wheels on a belt-driven spindle in one clamping cycle. This is just right for the high requirements of volume production.

Eroding of CBN/PCD tools and the grinding of HSS/carbide tools in volume production is the particular strength of the HELITRONIC VISION DIAMOND 400 L. Tool diameters up to 315 mm, tool lengths up to 420 mm and a weight up to 50 kg.

Mechanical axes

X-axis 500 mm
Y-axis 350 mm
Z-axis 700 mm
Rapid traverse speed X,Y,Z max. 50 m/min
C-axis ± 200 °
A-axis 750 min-1
Linear resolution 0,0001 mm
Radial resolution 0,0001 °


Tool data

Min. / Max. workpiece diameter 3 mm / 315 mm
Max. workpiece weight 50 kg



Base Mineral casting
Gross load weightz approx. 7.000 kg
Connected load 35 kVA

Automation options

  • Robot loader
  • Robot loader 25
  • Top loader
  • Electrode/grinding
    wheel changer 4/8 x
  • Electrode/grinding wheel changer 12/24 x

Software / Efficiency options

  • ”Sketcher”
  • “Feedrate Optimizer”
  • “Quality Assurance”, etc.

Other Options

  • Automated work table
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Sharpening stone holder
  • Automatic grinding wheel measurement
  • Automatic, electrical measurement of the machine reference
  • Integrated Measurement System IMS etc.