The SF Automation series offers deburring, rounding and smoothing in a single processing stage, in a very short time and without detriment to the contours of the workpiece. Path-controlled motion enables specific areas of a workpiece to be processed more intensely. Because of the tremendous processing forces involved, the SF Automation provides fast and economical finishing and guarantee absolutely reliable processing results. The SF Automation series of machines can optionally be equipped with pulse finishing and because loading is carried out automatically, they are suitable, among other purposes, for production lines with a predefined cycle time. Depending on the requirement profile, the machines can be pre-equipped automatic loading or optionally equipped with integrated automatic loading. The modular design of the machine means that it can easily be adapted to the cycle time. This enables the SF Automation to be easily incorporated into a production line as an integral component of the line. Typical applications for the SF Automation series include deburring, rounding, smoothing and polishing of camshafts and components with complex geometries such as thread-cutting dies and fuel injectors.

  • Automatic workpiece loading Automatic loading and changeover of workpieces by robot or loading system.
  • Perfect finishing results The SF enables several stages of processing to be carried out very quickly in a single operation. For example, a workpiece can be successively deburred, edge-rounded, smoothed and polished in one operation. The position-controlled movement sequence enables individual parts of a workpiece to receive intensive selective finishing. Thus the amount of material removed can be regulated right down to the µm level.
  • Fastest finishing process Tremendous processing force and high stream speeds result in extremely fast and economical finishing of the workpieces. The automatic loading makes the SF Automation Series perfect for processing high quantities and for integrating into a production line.
  • Customized solutions Number and design of workpiece holders can be customized to suit requirements. Depending on your needs, we carry out individual adjustments or develop a customized solution based on your requirements.



  • For up to 4 workpieces
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Maximum workpiece length up to 400 mm, with pulse finishing up to 250 mm (processable length may vary)
  • Maximum workpiece diameter up to 400 mm, with pulse finishing up to 150 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight up to 15 kg
  • Tool clamping by means of 3-jaw chucks, grippers, mandrels or customized workpiece holders, optional HSK holder change
  • A single lift axis per workpiece suitable for wet and dry finishing
  • Maximum workpiece speed of rotation 40 rpm, with pulse finishing 2,000 rpm.
  • Diameter of process container from 780 mm to 1200 mm
  • Loading interface for automation with loading hatch on the right for automatic loading
  • Machine door at the front for manual loading

For workpieces with other dimensions, we will be pleased to develop a customized solution for you.

The CF-T series is a high-performance benchtop version of the globally successful CF series with all the benefits of the CF concept. It is ideal for deburring and grinding industrial workpieces and especially suitable for finishing jewellry.


  • High-quality gap system with ceramic rings for using extra-fine polishing granulate
  • Speed control via frequency inverter
  • Digital display of preset time, elapsed time, speed and error messages.



  • Basic version with automatic loading for finishing tools
  • Automatic changing of workpieces
  • Chain loader with 64 positions, of which 5 positions are for collet chucks
  • Different workpieces can be finished in a single batch
  • Loader chain with loading sleeves according to tool diameter
  • Can be converted by changing the grippers and chuck adapters
  • Maximum workpiece diameter: 3 – 18 mm (more diameters are planned)
  • Maximum workpiece length: 150 mm (other lengths on request)
  • Setting-up time per workpiece: approx. 14.5 seconds
  • Total length can be controlled via touch panel at the machine
  • Suitable for wet and dry finishing

Let us prove how good our technology is. We will be happy to put the performance of OTEC technology and the CF series to the test. We will give you detailed advice and develop a finishing concept tailored to your needs and formulate the best grinding and polishing media for your application. In addition, we offer to finish a sample workpiece for you with no obligation and to provide you wth a process log documentng all key process parameters.