WS11-SP – Manual grinding technology at a higher level.

The WS 11-SP universal grinding machine is a further development of the optimally proven WS11. It is used for manufacturing and regrinding high-precision micro tools and production parts from hard metal, HSS and other materials. Unlike the WS 11, this machine is also capable of manufacturing tools with straight spiral toothing.

Features providing advantageous capabilities:
■  A diverse range of accessories enables the user to quickly adapt the machine to special requirements.
■  Highest precision in conjunction with performance and reliability.
■  Tool quality is significantly increased in many industry branches.
■  Swivelling grinding spindle.
■  Integrated sine rule for grinding spiral tools with special stroke.
■  Diameters up to 25 mm.”

Grinding spindle drive, three-phase motor kW (rpm): 0,3
Speed range 1/min: 5000/6000/7000/8000
X-axis, transverse adjustment mm: 100
X-axis, reading accuracy mm: 0,01
Speed variable rpm: 100-1300
102 mm / 25 kg: 100
Y-axis, grinding stroke vertical, straight mm:
150 mm / 100 kg: 0,02
Y-axis, reading accuracy mm:
Z-axis, infeed stroke horizontal mm: 100
Z-axis reading accuracy mm: 0,001
Workpiece spindle drive kW: 0,25